HZV spherical roller bearing how to made?

HZV has been producing spherical roller bearings since 1994 years.How they are made?
1.HZV bearings with high quality material.
2.The component pieces,they have alreday been heat-treated by HZV ourselves
3.For both the inner and outer rings,the first stage is to grind the ring faces.
4.The sphere and outer diameter of the outer ring,and inner bore of the inner ring are ground smooth.
5.The inner ring raceway is ground and honed to achieve the required surface characteristics.
6.Next the inner and outer rings are carefully washed and dried to remove dust and debris.
7.Rollers,guide rings and cages are assembled with the rings into complete bearings.
8.The bearing designation is laser-etched onto the bearings.
WQA also produces sealed SRBS,once they're assembled,grease can be added and the seals fitted.

All bearings are carefully inspected to ensure that they meet ISO extremely high standards.
They are preserved to prevent corrosion,before bearing packed ready to ship out to our customers.These are shipped to customers around the world.prodviding them with the durability,reliability and efficiency they've comt to expect from HZV.

Post time: Jan-08-2022